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RE/MAX Balloon overhead

About The RE/MAX Balloon

The old RE/MAX "SOLD Sign" was the company's logo back in 1978 when Bill Echols and Darrel Stilwell, New Mexico Regional Directors at the time, opened their first RE/MAX office.


A Broker-Associate, Tommy Thompson, had a balloon enthusiast neighbor, George Hartnett. Hearing about the balloon, Echols and Stilwell became interested in a possible advertising vehicle utilizing a hot air balloon.


While people in other areas were asking the commonly asked question, "What is a RE/MAX?", Echols, Stilwell, Thompson, and Hartnett were gaining recognition and notoriety in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thompson designed patches and jackets containing the now famous phrase, "Above the Crowd".


Although RE/MAX International was #1 in the Denver area, Dave Liniger, CEO of RE/MAX, recognized the impact that the RE/MAX Balloon was having. International watched the impact that the New Mexico balloons were having for over a year before they decided to make it their logo.


THE REST IS HISTORY! The typical RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is seven stories tall. Multiply that by over 120 times and you have the largest corporate fleet of hot air balloons in the world. In addition, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is institutionalized advertising at its "grandest". The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is one of the most recognized corporate logos in the world.


History of the RE/MAX Balloon with Dave Liniger
The RE/MAX Story
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