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RE/MAX Balloon overhead

RE/MAX Balloon Team:

Expertise Based on Experience


The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon...

The most recognizable image, debuted at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1978. 

The balloon's image has appeared on countless yard signs, bus benches and billboards, as well as in television and print advertising campaigns since that time.

RE/MAX boasts a fleet of more than 120 balloons, enabling more than 6,000 appearances around the world each year. Associates can take advantage of the promotional opportunities by hosting an event where the community can see, touch and ride in the balloon. 


The RE/MAX Balloon Team of Florida operates two, 70' tall Hot Air Balloons, has several 30' cold air inflatable balloons, as well as 8' tall inflatable’s and an inflatable RE/MAX tent all available for your event! 

Uses for the Hot Air Balloon, 30' cold air balloon and or the RE/MAX Tent:


  • Grand-opening celebrations

  • Open houses

  • Recruiting events

  • School demonstrations

  • School festivals

  • Balloon festivals

  • Parades

  • Charity fund raisers 

  • Church festivals

  • CMN, Susan G. Komen, etc...

  • Music/Art festivals

  • Golf tournaments

  • Local sporting events 

  • Office retreats 


To set up a RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon event contact the RE/MAX Balloon Team well in advance of the potential date.  Guidelines, costs and materials vary from region to region. 

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