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RE/MAX Balloon overhead

RE/MAX Event Guidelines:




What kind of event will you be having? How much room do you have. What time of day will it be? For example, if you will be planning a festival and have lots of room then the Hot Air Balloon would be a great choice!  Not enough room for the Hot Air Balloon? How about the Inflatable tent or a 30' Inflatable Balloon? The RE/MAX Van & Basket are great for parades or put the basket on a flatbed trailer and add an 8' Inflatable.  For more ideas drop us a line.





As soon as you have an idea for an event, drop us a line using the Contact Us form to see if what you need for your event is available!  

Dates fill in quickly so book early!





Safety must be the first consideration in all situations involving Hot Air Balloons. Federal Aviation Administration Rules and Regulations are specific regarding the safe performance of any aircraft, and the judgment of a qualified pilot is vital to insure the safe operation of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon.


The Pilot in Command is directly responsible for the safety of everyone involved, including the crew, passengers and bystanders. Therefore, the Pilot in Command shall have full decision-making authority regarding any and all activities during a ballooning event. While RE/MAX pilots are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who understand the promotional value of ballooning, they do not allow the promotional aspect to supersede their obligation to safety.





An open area with a minimum of 200 feet by 200 feet clear of all obstructions and overhead power lines is necessary for safe inflation of the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon.


This amount of area not only allows the envelope to stretch out in any direction when it is being inflated or deflated, but also allows enough room for the tether lines.


The area within and above this site should be clear of obstructions such as power lines, light poles, and fences. The ideal site is a level grassy field. If a vacant lot or dirt area is used, the area must be cleared of any material that could snag or tear the balloon envelope, such as broken glass, nails and barbed wire.




The owner of the property selected as a suitable tether or launch site must grant permission. Such permission should be secured in writing. Permits may be required by local authorities for launching from public property. Plan on 30-days notice to secure any required permits.



A tethered balloon promotion lasts about one to two hours, wind and weather permitting. On all tethered promotions the balloon is secured to the ground with mooring lines. These lines must be secured to the ground at four separate locations on the perimeter of the tether site using poles, trees or vehicles as attachment points. Tethered rides will rise to an average of 20 to 70 feet.  Pilot in command will determine such height based on conditions at that time. 



To avoid heat, thermals, and thunderstorms, tethers are best completed in the early morning hours, before 10 a.m. late morning success drops to about 50 percent, and by afternoon, success drops to just 15 percent. On occasion, tethered rides are successful later in the day about two hours before sunset.

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