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RE/MAX Balloon overhead

The RE/MAX Balloon Dream Experience

The RE/MAX Balloon Dream Experience provides the experience of being in a real hot air balloon basket. With the help of a beautifully photographed backdrop and camera setup, each participant receives a souvenir photograph which makes it appear they are flying high among a fleet of RE/MAX hot air balloons. Each participant enjoys instant gratification. The photograph is emailed to the participant’s account on the spot and they have the option to post directly to Facebook or Twitter on the spot as well.


The RE/MAX Balloon Dream Experience is an ideal marketing tool for agents for use at events that occur during the time of day when balloon tethers are not permitted and for events where space for a hot air balloon tether is not adequate. Plus, this marketing resource can be used indoors at Bridal/Wedding Show, Expos or Home Shows, for example.


The best part - The RE/MAX Balloon Dream Experience collects the first and last name and email of the participants and allows agents to spend quality face time talking with participants (about 3-5 minutes each). This is valuable time to meet new clients - finding out if they are looking to buy/sell homes or invest in real estate or to build relationships for future opportunities. And for agent/office sponsored events, the souvenir photograph can be customized and branded with the office name, agent’s name, and/or special event where the photo is taken. And, the body of the email can include additional contact details, as well as, your social media information as a majority of the participants we've tested share their RE/MAX Balloon Dream photos with their friends on Facebook and other social media - that means their sharing your name and contact information along with their great experience they had with you with all of their friends and family members.

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